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In Richard Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen, Siegfried's wife is known as Gutrune.

She fulfills the role of Gudrun/Kriemhild in the first half of the legend.

In both traditions, Gudrun/Kriemhild is the sister of the Burgundian king Gunther/Gunnar and marries the hero Siegfried/Sigurd.

Both traditions also feature a major rivalry between Gudrun and Brunhild, Gunther's wife, over their respective ranks.

Initially, Brunhild and Kriemhild get along, but in the private while they are watching a tournament, they soon argue over which of them has the highest ranking husband.

Brunhild accuses Kriemhild of being married to a vassal. Later, the two queens encounter each other before entering the cathedral at Worms for mass.

Under the pretext that he wants to protect Siegfried, Hagen convinces Kriemhild to reveal the only spot where impenetrable Siegfried may be wounded.

Once Siegfried is murdered while hunting with Hagen and Gunther, his body is thrown in front of Kriemhild's bedroom door.

The Norse tradition then tells of her further life as mother of Svanhild and enemy of Jormunrekr.

In the continental German tradition, Kriemhild instead desires revenge for her brother's murder of Siegfried, and invites them to visit Etzel's court intending to kill them.

Her revenge destroys both the Huns and the Burgundians, and in the end she herself is killed.

In the first instance, Gudrun's quarrel with Brunhild, which results in Sigurd's death at the urging of the latter, is widely thought to have its origins in the quarrel between the two historical Frankish queens, Brunhilda of Austrasia and Fredegund, the latter of whom had Brunhild's husband Sigebert I murdered by his brother Chilperic I, her husband.

In the oral tradition, Brunhilda's name has become attached to the murderer rather than the wife.

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