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It makes them feel aristocratic, generous, and so on. Or, split the work & earnings with a friend for a more enjoyable experience. Help Strangers Move – Be the person who moves boxes and helps run errands on moving day.

Advertise on a local bulletin board or online marketplace.

install the code on your website (see below for details) 2.

instruct visitors how they can donate, why they should do so (remember, be honest…) 3.

Just follow the easy instructions for creating a button from inside your Pay Pal account. Nothing puts 0 in your jeans like creating 0 worth of VALUE and then collecting on it.The chances are also good that you’ll meet interesting people with good stories and something they can teach you. Get a Paper Route – This is the oldest trick in the book.It involves being punctual and reliable, but is otherwise a piece of cake. If some of these sections aren’t for you, just skip ahead to the next section.Your situation is 100% unique and the only way you are going to make 0 is to ignore the ideas that aren’t right for you.If your joke is selected for the magazine, you will be paid 0(Bonus! Most websites that try this technique will get virtually or literally no money via donations.)” The quickest way to 0 is simply to ask for it. In the long term, asking for $ is likely the worst way to proceed, but it doesn’t hurt to mention the options. Street Begging – Put on some ratty clothes, look at the ground a lot, and see what happens. Creative Street Begging – Make a creative sign, craft a witty one-liner, or otherwise get people on the street to give you spare change. Online Donations – Anyone can ask their online community for a donation and see what happens, whether you’re a legitimate charity, community organization, or just some kid hoping for a quick buck. However, the sites that do get money can get big amounts of money.Why not figure out a way to make 0 legitimately and repeatably instead?Stealing is 100% not recommended to make 0 – it is lazy, evil, and doesn’t even work!Even if 75% of the ideas in this document are completely useless for you, that still leaves – Don’t steal. Sure, it’s illegal and immoral, but it is also not sustainable.Even if you don’t get caught and pay penalties (leaving you poorer than you started), you’ll still be short of cash again as soon as you’ve spent the 0!!

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