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But we did do some orienteering of our own this week for [...] Okay this is one of those ones where we draw a few long bows and you tolerate it happily…and if you have any great N date ideas then hand ‘em over! Night Walks I remember when I was little we went with my Girl Guide troupe on a night walk [...] Museum Date Soak in some culture and history at a museum – a great way to spend an afternoon together and enrich your beings all at once.Hosted by former NFL quarterback and Season 5 Bachelor Jesse Palmer, each hourlong episode will feature 10 eligible daters competing in four pageant-style rounds to win the heart of a mystery suitor or “suitress,” whose identity is concealed from them.Each episode will follow the male or female daters as they attempt to woo the mystery suitor with their words in first impressions and beachwear rounds; answer the mystery suitor’s most pressing romantic questions; and strive to receive a seal of approval from the mystery suitor’s most trusted family member in the final round.For starters, we're usually too tired to get dressed-up and leave the house, and we generally don't want to stay up late because we know the girls will wake up at AM no matter how much sleep WE got. The dates are supposed to be creative and inexpensive and you and your partner should take turns every other date night with being in charge. and you're supposed to try to surprise your partner with the activities you choose.

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The final two meet the mystery suitor for the first and proposes.

I’ll also be listing great date ideas by letter for the next 6 months as we go! And hey – if you feel like your love life needs a metaphorical Berocca, why don’t you join us in our ABC Adventures?

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Uchtdorf As our family has expanded, Kevin and I have found it more and more difficult to date each other.

After all, our lives are much different from when we first started dating. Basically, each date night you take a letter of the alphabet and base all your activities off it.

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