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Canada quickly grew beyond the boundaries of the original four provinces.In 1868, Rupert's Land -- the watershed originally granted to the Hudson's Bay Company two centuries earlier -- was purchased and added to Canada.Adjacent islands and territories were added in 1886.

For much of our history, it has been said, our constitutional law was not concerned about whether a piece of legislation might visit vicious, corrupt or hurtful acts upon citizens, but whether it was Parliament or a provincial legislature that had the power to enact it.

The NWT is to be divided pursuant to the Nunavut Agreement of 1993 which will, when implemented, create two new political units.

In the east, Prince Edward Island joined Confederation in 1873; Newfoundland (and Labrador) did not follow suit until 1949.

Two provinces were created in the aftermath of the Revolution -- Upper Canada and New Brunswick -- principally to accommodate loyalist and soldier settlement.

Tyendinaga Township, on the Bay of Quinte, and the Grand River Reserve -- six miles on either side of the river from its mouth on Lake Erie to its source above Guelph -- were settled by people of the Six Nations who relocated from upstate New York.

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