Accommodating resistance

By doing this, you will be locking out an extra 20 pounds.(They weigh 20 pounds each, but half is on the floor at lockout.) A 500 pound bencher can use both the 5/8 and 1/2 inch chains for a combined added weight of 31 pounds.In the end, chains and elastic bands are smart, easy, cheap and fun.So if you are a professional trainer I suggest you use them to enhance the performance and confidence of your athletes. In order to show you the effects of the ARD on the force-velocity relationship I wanted to compare some deadlifts with and without chains. I decided to make one loop, so when I’m on the top of the lift they are almost completely raised from the floor.My perception of the load during the lift was completely different. I discovered that Accommodating Resistance Devices, like chains and elastic bands, are largely used in powerlifting and sport performance facilities.Louie Simmons of the West Side Barbell, was one of the first to make ARD known around the world of strength.By applying bands or chains to the barbell you increase the amount of resistance as the bar is lifted, so the top of the lift is considerably heavier than the bottom.

They originally began using them to improve their dynamic effort work, but then found it was also effective for maximum strength work also…

On the other hand we have a higher Index of Explosive Strength (0,229 G/s vs 0,132 G/s) and Time Under Tension (2,22s vs 1,02s).

It means that Accommodating Resistance Training can lead to faster and more powerful firing of the motor units, which will then lead to an increase in overall strength.

By this change, ARD elicits an improvement in rate of force development and the velocity of your lift.

Finally, enhancing the force-velocity relationship will increase your ability to overcome the sticking point in the exercise.

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