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From research done on Whitall Tatum insulators, (by collector and researcher Richard Wentzel) as discussed on page 138 of the reference book “Insulators: A History and Guide to North American Glass Pintype Insulators” (Mc Dougald & Mc Dougald, 1990), he indicates that the “A in a circle” was apparently first placed on their insulator molds about 1941 (three years after Armstrong took over), and, meanwhile, the WT in a triangle mark was phased out gradually, over a period of quite a few years, from approximately 1941 to 1949, ON THEIR INSULATORS.

I do NOT know if the bottles followed that same timeline!!

The main source that implies that the WT in a triangle mark was still in use as late as 1964 was a chart printed by Owens-Illinois, as mentioned by Bill Lockhart in his article, here: H He was referring to a chart copied in an archaeology report by Dale Berge in 1980.

( ) which can be read online (page 83 on that pdf file).

In the 1900s and on into the 1920s and 1930s Whitall Tatum continued to produce large quantities of bottles of many types, sizes, and colors.

W-T manufactured bottles that were sold and used by a large number and variety of product manufacturers, especially those making and packaging “brand name” medicines, remedies, cleaning products, flavorings, chemicals, cosmetics, lotions, etc. A.” may or may not be embossed along with the mark.

Many of their pharmacy bottles have a letter or letters embossed (along with the “W. CO”) on the base which were typically mold identification marks (not date codes).

Note: some of these earlier clear glass bottles may turn a pale amethyst color if subjected to long exposure to sunlight.

The company also has satellite studios in Indonesia (PT Asiana Wang), Thailand (Thai Wang) and China (Hong Guang, established in 1996). In 2014, some long-time employees of Wang, such as Bunis Yang and Vincent Liu, split off and started their own studio, BV Animation Studio. Compare (and contrast) AKOM, TMS Entertainment, Toei Animation, Fil-Cartoons, Saerom, Sunwoo Entertainment, Dong Woo Animation, Synergy Animation, Hanho Heung-Up, Rough Draft Studios, Nakamura Productions, Dai Won and the aforementioned Toon City and Kennedy Cartoons. However, I find it very hard to believe that they would have continued to use the WT triangle mark all the way up to 1969 (when Armstrong was purchased by Kerr), as stated in some sources.I have never seen any bottles with the WT mark that appear to date after the 1940s, or maybe the early 1950s at the latest.Large numbers of amber LYSOL bottles bear this triangle mark. There is disagreement on how long the “W over T inside triangle” mark continued to be embossed on containers, some stating the triangle mark was used on bottles up to 1969, which I doubt.Many of these bottles, along with many glass electrical insulators, are found with a “W and T inside an inverted triangle” trademark (as shown in photo here, embossed on the side of a CD 154 “Whitall Tatum Co. The “W and T” triangle, if present on bottles, is usually embossed on the very base. W-T inside triangle mark used by Whitall Tatum Company circa 1924-1938 " data-medium-file="https:// data-large-file="https:// class="wp-image-1080 size-medium" title="W/T in triangle mark, used by Whitall Tatum, as seen on CD 154 glass insulator " src="https:// alt="WT in Triangle mark, as embossed on glass insulator." width="300" height="286" srcset="https:// https:// https:// sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" / 1938, but that transition probably occurred over several years time.Wang Film Productions (formerly known as Cuckoo's Nest Studio) is a Taiwanese studio founded in 1978 by former Hanna-Barbera employee James Wang as a means for the company to outsource their animation to (when the technique was still relatively uncommon at the time).Since its founding, Wang has worked with and/or for several companies like Warner Bros., Disney, Nelvana, Klasky-Csupo, Film Roman, Universal, Kennedy Cartoons, Toon City and Studio Pierrot (among others).There were two locations used by Whitall Tatum, first the original site (upper works) located in Millville proper, and later the “lower works” in South Millville (formerly known as Schetterville).Eventually the South Millville site would become center of activity for the glassworks.However practically all “W T & CO” or “W T CO” marked prescription bottles found in a very dark purple color have been irradiated (color-altered) and were clear to begin with. (Confusingly, many Whitall Tatum telegraph insulators, especially the “WHITALL TATUM CO No.1” style made during the 1920s, are found in naturally-occurring light to medium purple shades.) Whitall Tatum didn’t enter the insulator manufacturing market until 1922, very soon after Brookfield Glass Company had closed it’s doors the previous year.

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