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In 1882, one of the first Rotary Jails in the country opened. The jail is now a museum and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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The library retained ownership of the old building and re-opened it as the Carnegie Museum of Montgomery County in 2007. Above the shoe store were several apartments where residents were sleeping.Crawfordsville's major employer for much of the century, commercial printer RR Donnelley, began operations in Crawfordsville in 1922.Recent history has held few nationally noteworthy events for the city, but much internal change.Crawford, a native Virginian who was the cabinet officer who had issued Whitlock's commission as Receiver of Public Lands. Cox, one of the first schoolmasters in the area, in 1824: "Crawfordsville is the only town between Terre Haute and Fort Wayne... Ristine keeps tavern in a two-story log house and Jonathan Powers has a little grocery. It was successfully incorporated as a town in 1834, following a failed attempt three years earlier.There are two stores, Smith's near the land office, and Issac C. In November 1832, Wabash College was founded in Crawfordsville as "The Wabash Teachers Seminary and Manual Labor College".Crawfordsville grew in size and amenities, adding such necessities as a bank and fire department. In addition to Wallace, Crawfordsville lived up to its nickname "The Athens of Indiana" by being the hometown of a number of authors, including Maurice Thompson, Mary Hannah Krout, Caroline Virginia Krout, Susan Wallace, Will H. Hoosiers have long believed that the first basketball game in Indiana occurred in Crawfordsville YMCA between the teams from Crawfordsville's and Lafayette's YMCAs on March 16, 1894.It gained status as a city in 1865, when Indiana granted its charters. Tuttle, after whom Tuttle Grade School was named in 1906 and Tuttle Junior High School (now Crawfordsville Middle School) was named in 1960, became President of Wabash College and served for 30 years. Hawkins spent some of their youth in Crawfordsville. Carrington lived in the town after the war, and taught military science at Wabash College. Recent research, however, conclusively shows that while Crawfordsville was among the first dozen or so Indiana communities to adopt the sport, it was not the first place basketball was played in Indiana.On December 18, 1833, the Crawfordsville Record carried a paid announcement of the opening of this school.Today, it is one of only three remaining all-male liberal arts colleges in the country, and has a student body of around 900. In 1880, prominent local citizen Lew Wallace produced Crawfordsville's most famous literary work, Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ, a historical novel dealing with the beginnings of Christianity in the Mediterranean world.Two of the properties are historic districts: Crawfordsville Commercial Historic District, and Elston Grove Historic District.Two listings are active churches: Bethel AME Church of Crawfordsville, and Saint John's Episcopal Church.

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