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I can’t figure out why they refuse to purchase food and reading material in the terminal when Dockers and Florsheim shoes are usually on sale somewhere in the US.

They discover exotic trinkets and familiarise themselves with customs outside their own which puts a more interesting twist to finding you a new gift every time—with stories behind it!There may be days that being around your significant other can put a toll on your relationship.Pilots travel a lot, which means there are days you won’t see each other.They may act glorified in some way, that’s because they have the guts to do so.If you’re attracted to confident men who plays the part, a pilot is definitely in the right mix.That same pilot looked for a coupon to take her out to dinner on her birthday.A different pilot wouldn’t buy ice cream for the flight attendant he took out on a date because the store had a minimum amount for credit card purchases.If you’re missing this piece in your relationships, try dating a pilot!There will always be people who are bad at gift giving, but not pilots.It is a requirement for every pilot to be prepared for any type of weather, including storms.Relationships require hard work and pilots have the ability to see through any hardship in order to move forward.

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