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Do you know a Christian single guy who has a fear of commitment?The following “defeating fear of commitment tips may help you cure that commitment phobe: 1. No matter how much you may love spending time with your man, plan a little away from him every now and then.Many Christian singles seeking a dating relationship are questioning whether they should try online Christian dating services.Everyday thousands of Christians are making the choice to seek that dating relationship through the internet.If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, then maybe you should discuss those issues with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

If you are a Christian single, you know that you have your love for the Lord and a yearning to find someone to share your walk of life and faith.Well I did, and that’s how I began Christian Dating Service Plus, a website for single Christians.I had a heart for Christian singles, and I wanted to come up with a way where I could not only create a…The Bible gives us some very clear principles to guide us in making decisions about dating.If you answered “yes” to the above questions, then 1 Corinthians 13 says that you truly have a loving relationship.There are tons of Christian singles websites and Christian dating websites out there, but not all are “really Christian”.Have you ever wondered how all these Christian singles websites got started?Top 5 Christian Singles Complaints The following Christian Singles complaints were compiled through a worldwide survey of 1000 singles conducted by Christian Dating Service Plus: 1. Finding a date online can be daunting, but don’t worry about it!Churches look down on singles, and cater mostly to married people. Difficulty finding Christian singles who are normal and available in the local area. You are totally in control, and there are millions of eligible for Christian singles that are looking for a date online as well.Finding a date online does however require a few things.First of all, know exactly what you are looking for in a person that you would date.

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