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On approval, the amount that’s ultimately repaid to your old creditors is determined by the credit limit you’re approved for on your new card.A strong credit history typically results in a higher limit — and therefore a bigger bite out of your owed debts.In this way, your new credit card helps you pay down your old debt — or pay it off completely.When you apply for a balance transfer card, you’re asked to list your creditors and the amount you want your new card provider to repay them.Read the fine print to know how many days or months you have to get it done.After you’re approved, the new credit card company pays off the creditors you listed on your application.We know that everyone's situation is unique and we aim to help you find the right product for you.We may receive compensation when you visit our partners' sites or are approved for their products.

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Our guide empowers you to determine if transferring your credit card balance is the right solution for your budget and needs.

During that introductory period, you can make serious headway in paying down your debt with the bonus of simplifying your many bills to just one.

You’re typically required to pay a one-time fee to transfer your balance with these cards, often a percentage of the amount you’re transferring to the new card.

A 0% interest balance transfer card can offer 6, 12 and sometimes 18 interest-free months.

Your full monthly payment is applied to paying down your total debt, which can save you money in the long run, keeping more of it in Many balance transfer credit cards charge a fee to move your existing debt to the card — typically 3% to 5% of the balance you’re transferring.

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