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He is the only character that has a bad end specific for his route (with 2 major variants and a couple of minor variants on how you can achieve it).

Nori's character was heavily inspired by my melancholy thoughts about the world when I was in dark times, so his route is filled with dark philosophical elements like how the world is filled with hypocrites, how everyone always puts on a mask to blend in and if life is so painful, then is it really worth living? His route is slightly based on my journey as I fell into a low point in my life (if you're interested in how I was feeling then, please check out a short personal kinetic novel that I wrote when I was in my darkest point; To Fly, written to raise awareness on mental illnesses, link: viewtopic.php? His ending is quite open-ended, with a hopeful note, to try and make it as realistic as possible because his situation isn't one that he can just magically recover overnight because of some special words from a friend.

(I would recommend downloading them, google drive messes up my fonts) Updated Walkthrough: n B3UWx6ems Detailed Guide: I tried my best to follow whatever was specified in the Terms of Use, but if there's an error, I'll gladly correct it.

Please do leave a comment here on what you think of it!

), a student council to join, examinations to pass, classes to skip and you can go on dates with your favorite characters!

And you also have to make sure that your secret doesn't get out.

She has a really terrible relationship with her mother ever since she was young.

Downloading right away and playing as soon as I get chance! At first glance, I'd say that I prefer the appearance of Masao, but at the same time, I'm intrigued to learn of this "dark and deadly secret" that Nori is hiding.

When Nori desperately tried to call out to Hiro in the park, that was when he was at his lowest.

Hiro put the seed of doubt in him when she talked to him at the beach, (Nori-senpai is Nori-senpai), reaching out to the little part of him that had still hope, the part of him that was crying out for help.

*Some random ranting, feel free to skip this part* After so many years, the long-awaited (nah, the only person who was awaiting it was me lol) remake of 2014's Starlight Dreamers has arrived in the form of a dating sim, with a whooping word count of 89,142 words (my most yet)!!

Not only that, it spans an entire year (well, 9 months to be exact, but that's close enough) and you have 4 different stats to raise, more than 10 different characters (but only 2 have proper endings - although there are different variants, with one secret character), 9 different jobs to choose from, character birthdays - including your own, a track team to join - with competitions on every first Saturday of the month(!

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