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Heritage Growing up in a small country with a modest family, I knew that only hard work and dedication towards my goals would be the only path to success.

There aren’t many of us in the world, so any time I am in the spotlight I am standing tall and proud, happy to show the world that Macedonians are capable of great things.

UMD is recognizing forty Macedonian role models to reinforce our community’s heritage and cultural values.

Built through a process of nominations, the final honorees are selected by a selection committee.

There is much to be proud of when it comes to Macedonian culture but, if I had to choose just one aspect it would be the food.

My advice for the next generations is, as long as you believe in yourself first and have the motivation to wake up in the morning and pursue your goals, you will be successful!

UMD hopes the list will recognize the winners for their accomplishments in their respective careers and encourage them to keep moving the community forward and making a positive impact on society-at-large. Marko Blazevski, 24 Skopje, Macedonia Bio Originally from Skopje, Macedonia, Marko moved to Monterey, California as a 15-year-old to train with the Monterey Bay Swim Club and pursue a collegiate swimming career. Marko was recruited by Wingate University, in North Carolina, where he made an immediate impact as a freshman and continued to do so throughout his four years in the NCAA Division II. In the process he swam at 6 consecutive World Swimming Championships (2011-2016).

In the 2012 Olympics, Marko competed in the 400 individual medley and was selected by the Macedonian confederation to bear his home country’s flag in the opening ceremonies. He is currently working as a Financial Representative with Northwestern Mutual in Charlotte, NC.

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I have put on many miles shed hunting in the past and believe that it is a great way to scout the area you hunt without disturbing the deer too much and figure out what bucks are in the area. It appears that all of the deer in the area travel to these ponds.

I have a few basic strategies for finding sheds: 1. Bucks will bed down in the thickest areas with branches or brush to knock those antlers off. In Wisconsin winters, most rivers, streams, or ponds freeze over, but I have found numerous small springs or holes that somehow stay open. This seems rather obvious, but a good snowpack will force the deer on trails and narrow down your area to search. Is the story true about the squirrels eating the antlers?

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There's about one chance in hell I'll get it, but if I do it'll be very cheap.

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