Carbon dating super furry animals

Taking on a more cinematic persona, the band move onto the vibe-heavy doo-wop psych routines of 'Carbon Dating' and belt out a retro-sounding dulcimer ballad in the shape of the excellent 'Suckers'.

Showing no signs of slacking off after fourteen years together, the Super Furries are still turning out implausibly good psychedelic pop music some eight albums into their career.

As with Love Kraft, all members of the band contributed songs at the recording stage but, besides chief songwriter Gruff Rhys, only guitarist Huw Bunford ("Battersea Odyssey") and keyboard player Cian Ciaran ("Carbon Dating") ended up with their tracks on the finished album.

that the similar themes in the songs were only noticed after they had been written and were used as a way of "structuring and compiling the album" and that the Venus concept was thought up after the album's completion in order to give sleeve designer Keiichi Tanaami "a reference point to make an illustration from." In an interview with Tiny Mix Tapes in January 2008, the band's vocalist, Gruff Rhys, stated that Hey Venus!

You can't run Though you might try Be sure Before we goodbye Eat your drink And drink your food Through life I'll live by these rules As with you I love to live So please No more passing ships Who's the fool Who suffers fools?

" (2007) The Gateway Song Run-Away Show Your Hand The Gift That Keeps Giving Neo-Consumer Into The Night Baby Ate My Eightball Carbon Dating Suckers!

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