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“Snaps” are visual messages that kids can alter with text, filters, drawings, and effects.

The big seller: the messages disappear one to 10 seconds after they’re seen.

If the other user will accept a file transfer from you, this will establish contact.

To bring up the MS-DOS window in XP, click "Start," "Programs," "Accessories," "Command Prompt" or hit "Start" and "Run" and type ""Type "netstat -a" or "netstat -n" in the DOS window to obtain the address.

What it is: A messaging app that’s similar in style to Snapchat, but text-only.

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Why they love it: For the same reasons they love Snapchat: their messages appear one word at a time and then disappear after the person on the other end reads them.

Why you should talk about it: The app’s creators have put a lot of effort into making sure these messages really do disappear—which presents a different risk: the ability to bully (or be bullied) and leave no trace.

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