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I was warned that she had a reputation, as a man eater.Quite what that meant, I wasn’t certain at the time.She looked back at me with a look of disbelief and slowly the corners of her perfect lips and mouth twitched and a smile formed, showing her pearl white teeth, and she leaned forward and so softly pressed her lips against mine. I would be up for harassment charges if this ever got out. For 2 days I avoided her, hoping that my indiscretion would be forgotten.The kiss lingered for a second and before I could react, she was gone, had turned and was heading out into the ward. But that night as the shift ended, she came into my office and closed the door, leaning up against it, her shoulders shrugged up and the naughtiest look on her face.My body felt like it was weighted down and I couldn’t move. She straddled me shifting her dress up above her hips, as I stared down at her crimson lips of her cunt. “Rebecca I’m married and …” My words were cut short as she forcefully began kissing me, her tongue darted in and out my mouth and she bit my bottom lip, sucking on the very place she had just bitten.

As I gazed down her full breasts were strained against her shirt as she arched away from the pain. “You have amazing hands Doctor D”, she whispered and the touch of her hand against mine just lingered a second too long. After I dropped her at the Nurses Res, I felt my loins begin to stir, and I pressed down on the semi that was lurking beneath my worn green scrubs.

Her tongue flicked around my helmet, and softly down the back of the shaft, before she took me in.

The instant warmth of her breath and mouth made me shiver with excitement, as her head began to bob up and down my swollen member.

Now I’m no short, If I say so myself, nine inches at full stretch is all I have but a girth of about 2 1/2 inches had Rebecca’s Mouth muscle working overtime.

As I looked down to admire this beauty on my dick she looked up and I thought I caught a smile.

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