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Secret societies and religious institutions are not covered here.

For those, the user should click on the Many essentially secular associations maintained places for religious rituals and sometimes full-scale temples.

The lintel must have been added after Lei came to America.

[pinyin: Rong Kui], who at the time held a semi-official position with the Chinese Ministry in Washington D. A native of Xiangshan [Zhongshan county] in Guangdong, Yung had been one of the famous group of government sponsored students 官派赴美幼童留学生who came to Yale in the 1870s under the leadership of his uncle, Yong Wing 容闳.

At the time the lintel was made, this well-seasoned diplomat was still the Consul-General in Cuba, after a short time in the Philippines.

It is hard to believe that he was asked to contribute while far away in Cuba.

A native of Panyu in Guangdong (and hence a Sam Yup rather than a Sze Yup), Hsu took up the job shortly after his assignment in Japan to study copper mines.

His outsider Sam Yup status may be why, unlike his colleagues, he chose to use his full title on the inscription.

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Those organizations include family name groups, often called clans, and regional origin groups.

They may also have been impressed by the fact that he was one of the first Cantonese natives to earn an Ivy League degree.

One of the most extraordinary Chinese interiors in North America was commissioned by the Hook Sin Tong, a society founded in Victoria BC by immigrants from Heung Shan 香山 (later Zhong Shan) in Guangdong. Elwood Watkins, seems to have been instructed by the Society to work out an comprehensive interior design that integrated Western-style stained glass, then very popular in China, with specially commissioned art and a color scheme featuring ivory white rather than the usual red, gold, and smoky gray.

Three of the four signed their names without adding their official titles, probably as a gesture of friendship.

The plaques are now at the enrance to the Association's temple in its new location on Stockton Street ?

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