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Hello Jennifer Stoker, Are you claiming that your daughter Alissa Haley Barosh’s father is actor/singer Christian Kane? I was in the sorority Alpha Chi Omega and he was an ATO pledge.Yes, Alissa Haley Barosh’s biological father is Christian Kane How and where did you meet Christian? We were having one of our sorority philanthropy called “Mr Spring Fling”. Did Christian leave you while you were pregnant or after you gave birth? He said he was not ready to be a father and didn’t have “cash” ( a term he used a lot).The family moved around the South and the Midwest because his father was in the oil business, and they finally settled in Norman, Oklahoma, when Kane was in eighth grade.While growing up in Texas and Oklahoma, Kane was a collegiate-style wrestler and played football (as a strong safety).I showed up with Alissa and friends to his restaurant he didn’t” appear” to be happy but he did recognize us.I called him later and asked if he wanted to see her and he said “no, it will be too hard”.He starred with singer Monica, as Billy Ryan in MTV movie Love Song in 2000.Kane’s appearances on the big screen include the 20th Century Fox film Just Married and New Line Cinema's Secondhand Lions (as the younger version of Robert Duvall's Hub Mc Cann, he has a scar on his upper lip from an injury he received while filming the movie).

He is known for his roles in the television shows Angel, Leverage, The Librarians and Into the West, and the movies Just Married, Taxi, and Secondhand Lions.In 1997, Kane met Steve Carlson, who had taken over his old job. The band has self-released two albums, their self-titled debut, Kane, in 2000, and a recording of a live acoustic set, Acoustic Live In London! The band consists of Kane (lead vocals, guitar), Carlson (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Jason Southard (lead guitar), Will Amend (bass guitar), and Ryan Baker (drums) and is signed to independent record label Bigger Picture Group. They started writing songs together, and in 1998 formed the Southern rock band Kane. Their label debut, The House Rules, was released December 7, 2010. I called his mom and she said I was wekcome to come over. Pam even kept in contact for several months (but not ver consistantly).She called to make sure we made it back to Houston okay.Each fraternity selected one of their pledges or members to participate. It wasn’t Love affair because we were not in love but did see each other occasionally over several months ( and almost an entire summer). He didn’t want me to have an abortion,,thank goodness). I was forced to move home with my parents and back to Texas and leave the sorority.Each man was to perform a dance that we taught them for the contest. I happened to be assigned to the ATO (Chris Short). I was staying in an apt that summer to work with my roomate (rush chairman) on upcoming sorority Rush. He hasn’t ever spoken to Alissa but she would like to meet him Did he ever make any promises to you regarding marriage or regarding helping you to raise Alissa? Is it true that you were in contact with Christian’s parents in the past?I have 2 theories as to why this has been happening.She is mainly contacting Christian Kane fans whom do not want to hear anything negative about him or it’s because casual movie goers and TV watchers probably do not recognize Christian Kane by name. Your Crash Course-Christian Kane is currently starring in the successful TNT series Leverage.He also appeared in Taxi, Life or Something Like It, the Peter Berg-directed Friday Night Lights, and the Warner Bros. In 2007, Kane was featured in the Carrie Underwood music video "So Small", playing the role of one of the three converging stories.In 2009, he appeared in the psychological thriller, Hide, in which he played the lead role of Billy, and The Donner Party which is based on the true story of the Donner Party.

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