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Despite their early rancor, however, the pair have come to a mutual respect for their different expertises and even a kind of friendship.

He backed Don up to their superiors regarding Don taking the Crystal Hoyle kill-shot, which took place in "Two Daughters" and Ian referenced in conversation with Don in "Pandora's Box".

The show's regular and recurring cast of characters consists primarily of FBI personnel and the faculty and students of Charlie's fictitious workplace, the California Institute of Science (Cal Sci), and also includes Don and Charlie's father, retired urban planner Alan Eppes.Terry Lake (portrayed by Sabrina Lloyd) was a forensic psychologist and often acted as a profiler for Don Eppes' FBI team.Even though she did not understand the intricacies of what Charlie Eppes does for a living, she was more open to the mathematician's antics than her partner, Don.According to actress Kathy Najimy, Millie is a smart, independent woman who does whatever it takes to get the job done and who does not like pursuits of goals that are contrary to her mission.Millie was only scheduled to appear in two to three episodes.Given that Ian's superiors were more concerned with discussing Don shooting Crystal Hoyle than Ian's borderline interrogation methods, it is likely that Ian will not be disciplined or will only be disciplined lightly over this incident.With the kill shot through the cab windows of a pickup truck, executed in "Pandora's Box", Ian hopes to be moved up to third-best shot in the U. Edgerton did not appear in season four, but returned in the premiere and finale for season five.Mildred gave Amita tenure and appointed her to the curriculum committee, while (as part of their agreement) Charlie must head the admissions committee and aid in Cal Sci fundraising. Finch has told Charlie to publish and bonded with him.Millie is dating Alan Eppes, whom she beat in chess.Colby stated that although it was obvious from the aftermath that Ian had been involved in an operation, "you never saw him". During their first encounters, Ian and Charlie clashed: Charlie did not believe in using guns to solve problems and disdained Ian's dispassion about killing, while Ian believed Charlie's mathematic approach was too academic for real cases and his scientific viewpoint made his objections to Ian's attitude hypocritical.He even went so far in their early acquaintance as to call Charlie's math "voodoo".

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