Dating a banker anonymus

Alphabetical index of Ortelius carto-bibliographical sources and his contemporary friends and source/communicators.

These occur on his loose maps, starting with his 8-sheet world map (1564), in the on recto and verso map texts of the various Theatrum editions, its Synonymia (1570-1575).

His booklet on fish ponds, mentioned on th map of This index is ordered alphabetically by author and/or friend with a connection to Ortelius.

In the very short biographical introduction of each author, the book or books written by this author are mentioned, with an indication specifying by Ortelius-number in which Ortelius map-textsor elsewhere in Ortelius writings reference is made to this author.

Inscriptions in stone have not been included, since their location is almost invariably unclear.

The reference to Op de Beeck and De Coster (2006) refers to their article Books and bindings from the library of Abraham Ortelius which appeared in Bibliophiles et reliures, Mlanges offerts Michel Wittock, p. It describes 71 books in libraries in which was owned by Ortelius, as his signature indicates.

Of these 71 books, 13 or 18% were not contained in the present list.

If this number is representative, it mean that Ortelius library was 18% larger than what is described in this index below., but is better known for his writings.

The second set consists of references where Books and Chapters of a work of the author in question are given, but where Ortelius does not give the name of the work.

For better recognisability, they appear in their original Latin forms, rather than their inconsistent anglicized forms.

After that, specific references to on verso map-text and paragraph number of that text are given in a separate section and in Courier font which differs from the standard Times Roman, below the short biography and bibliography of the author.

Coins have also been incorporated provided that the at least the picture on one side and perhaps inscription on the other are mentioned.

Books which Ortelius bought from Plantin, if recognisable, have also been included, based on Denuce (1912) but most of Ortelius books were bought elsewhere, including the Frankfurt book fair, and many books were exchanged between Ortelius and his friends and correspondents.

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