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Some people falsely believe Secret Service agents can't marry at all, doomed to live as virtual priests.(Priests with a terrifying knowledge of semi-automatic weapons.) But that's never been true, and in fact, Secret Service agents can even marry Sure, Secret Service agents are badasses, but they're also math nerds.He spreads his arms, his legs, and puts his torso towards the bullet and he eats it. If someone on the rope line has an overly aggressive handshake, I'll pull their thumb back.You go over and over it in your head so that when it happens, you just do it. Let me just tell you, the fear of failing your fellow agents is far, far worse than the stress of "Wow I'm standing a foot away from the most powerful man on earth, I may become a casualty of war here." It is a brotherhood, and the stress of failing your fellow agents is the worst part.The bottom line in the end is: Are you ready to shoot an Iraq War vet with a severe mental disorder?

-- but technically, anyone can receive Secret Service protection. Some past examples include Ted Kennedy, who got a detail while he stumped for Walter Mondale in 1984 because of his family history, and Rajiv Gandhi, who got agents the same year when he visited New York, also due to his family history and direct threats.

When agents accompanied the Kennedys to Palm Beach, they'd often wear khakis and polos to better blend in with the crowds.

And Bill Clinton famously caused a security headache with his jogging habit: because he wanted to be out with the people, Clinton refused to use the White House track and would go on routes around DC, with several Secret Service personnel in matching short shorts following behind.

And he'd come by and grab you on the elbow and say "What's your name? You're the president of the United States, you don't need my tailor. An Army two-star general, who was running the operation, let us know pretty clearly that there was a very real threat of mortar fire as we flew Air Force one into Bagram. There's always a tension between the White House staff and the Secret Service. So for close to fifty years our success rate was 100 per cent. We have operational units that do fight, but that's not the agents.

The White House staff's goal is to make the president look good, get him re-elected, make sure the optics are good. But that doesn't matter because we're in an error-free job. The agents are there to run because we're there to keep the president alive.

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