Dating hand hewn beams

With the advances of 20th-century technology, new structural methods such as cantilevering received more extensive use.By the turn of the 21st century, computers had further enhanced architects’ ability to conceptualize and create new forms.For the purposes of this article, “Western architecture” signifies architecture in Europe as well as in regions that share a European cultural tradition.For example, this article discusses early architectural traditions in areas such as Egypt, Syria, Asia Minor, North Africa, and Jerusalem, which, beginning in the Hellenistic and Roman periods and continuing through the period of the Byzantine Empire, were closely tied to architectural developments in Europe.Brilliantly hued frescoes played an important part in both the interior and the exterior decoration of the palace.

The history of Western architecture is marked by a series of new solutions to structural problems.The southeast portion of the palace contains domestic apartments, elaborately supplied with plumbing and flushing facilities, as well as a sanctuary.A wide stairway led to an upper story, which no longer exists.Following the example of such structures, the Palace of Minos is a quadrangular complex of rooms and corridors grouped around a great central court, roughly 175 × 100 feet (50 × 30 metres).At the northern end, toward the sea, a grand portico of 12 pilasters would have given access to the central court.The Romans exploited the arch, vault, and dome and made broader use of the load-bearing masonry wall.In the late medieval period, the pointed arch, ribbing, and pier systems gradually emerged.Maritime hegemony enabled the Cretan sea kings to build these palaces in low and unprotected places; consequently there is a conspicuous absence of fortification walls, as contrasted to the great walls of Mesopotamian palaces.Since Cretan worship seems to have been conducted largely in the open air, there are no real temples as in the Middle East.A westward expansion from the civilizations of western Asia and Egypt began about 3000 and led to settlements in Crete, the Cyclades, and mainland Greece.The fundamental difference between these and the earlier, Neolithic cultures is that stone tools and weapons were replaced by those made of copper and, later, bronze.

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