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With this near-global rollout of the SMS feature, Facebook is touting ease, as you won’t have to jump back and forth between chat interfaces if your friends are split between them.“There are o By absorbing people’s text threads for one-stop management, then highlighting the ability to Facebook-message someone over the option to SMS them, it could ease users into the transition to all Messenger, all the time.Here's a taste of what the new site offers Gold members...Now gold members can be instantly notified when a new message arrives, regardless of which NZDating page you are currently on, a notification appears at the bottom of your page with easy access to your inbox.Please find a summary of the major changes made in early 2010 below: Wide Screen Layout Option One of the most common comments we received when trialling the new site was the fixed-width layout created more whitespace on either side of the page when viewed in newer widescreen LCD monitors.We're happy to say NZDating members now have the choice to expand the layout to use more of this space - find this option in the 'Settings' menu, under 'Site Settings' The new NZDating website adds a huge number of new features for NZDating Gold Members - some subtle, and others that'll make you wonder how you ever lived without them!is Facebook’s new strategy for getting people to switch from SMS to Messenger.

Paid Membership ('Gold') - We plan to launch a new class of serious member soon which will appear at the top of the listings as well as having other valuable dating facilities. We are planning a very affordable price and current plans are to launch this at .95 for three months access.Once you connect SMS to Messenger, you’ll be able to send Facebook Stickers as well as images, videos and audio as text messages.SMS can also appear and be answered through Chat Heads, the Messenger feature that overlays chat bubbles atop other apps you’re using.Facebook first integrated SMS into Messenger for Android in 2012, showing texts in both the default messages app and Messenger.But it dropped the feature in 2013 after weak traction, likely in a gambit to focus on boosting Messenger usage.Then in February 2016, Messenger started testing its modern version of SMS in Messenger.Starting today in most countries, users can open Messenger for Android, go to their settings, select “SMS” and turn on “Default SMS App.” All your SMS conversations will then appear in Messenger as purple threads, alongside your blue Facebook chats.Eventually, Facebook could highlight the fact that chatting on Messenger is nearly free, incurring only small data rates, compared to the relatively expensive per-SMS fees some carriers charge. Facebook also won’t merge your SMS threads into Messenger threads with the same person.That could cause chat timeline chaos if you’ve ever accidentally ended up Messengering and SMSing with someone at the same time.As such members who provide a valid New Zealand email address (not from a free email service) can be identified by their silver star.This doesn't reveal their email address but confirms that they are more likely to be trustworthy by not using the free services.

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