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He did start sending all of him money home to build some apartments/homes with his family that are developers in morocco and it seemed like he always had something that he needed to use his money for but not for us here. But wow I would never have believed it, How could I have seen this coming???

my husband used to tell me the same stuff my friend is telling me but about Moroccan men, when I would tell him about women that were used for a visa.

Further yet is a marriage to a non-Moroccan and even children with them.

It is the ever present glare of women who have decided that you have stolen one of “theirs.” I’m not so narcissistic as to think there is something special about me, because there’s not however I have overheard and been party to the complaints, stares and cajoles of Moroccan women unhappy with my marriage as well as those who have no problem letting me know that I am the starter wife.I agree that lots of Moroccan man that are trying to hook-up with girls online are only after one thing: a visa to get out, just like every other scam out there. Also he acted jealous of men whom were not my family and did not like them to touch me or talk a lot to me. He also took me all over morocco to meet all of his family.but than once here in the USA he joined a mosque and all of his attention was on the going on at the mosque and left me cooking at home or shopping by myself or he'd go shop by himself and never wanted to spend a dime on anything just for fun. My friend from morocco said this is a well known thing men there do and he kept appologising to me because it happened to me?Even if I speak perfect Darija, am a Muslim and do stay with my husband I will always be an outsider and the inner sanctum that Moroccan women inhabit will forever elude me as an outsider.Moroccans are generous, hospitable, open armed and tolerant of others, but that is a layered reality.On the surface there’s the reception and drinking of a the’.A little deeper is the sharing of a room in a home, or a meal.As with every nationality and ethnicity, there are the good and the bad. Etrangais how much time do you think is needed to know someone who lives so far away?If you meet somebody online for couple of months and may be go visit him/her once and spend some time with him, do you really think you know them enough to actually tie the knot with them? I mean talking online, writing letters, visiting for a few weeks or a month once in awhile it's still easy for someone who is knowledgeable in saying everything they know a woman wants to hear and doing things to make her feel he really loves her.the red flags should be very visible to you: does he have a job back home? Until you are living together for many mos it's impossible to know their real personallity if they are trying to hide it.age difference is he trying to rush you to get married and more things that could trigger suspicions. I know one thing I thought made my husband seem like he cared was always wanting to know who I was with and what I did and every detail of my day.

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  2. We spent nearly a year communicating online before her fiance visa was approved, so we had lots of time to learn more about each other and to probe all the non-physical aspects of a relationship.