Dating on the down low

Here are tips to help you know for sure if your man is on the down-low.

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This is fairly normal when you just begin dating someone.

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And she didn’t find out about his deep desire for men until she got a hold of one of his profiles and saw that his sexual orientation was marked as “bisexual.” Oddly, that didn’t stop Debbi from trying to work things out. “The saddest thing about it is that he had no filter.

“I simply typed his screen name in Google and every account he owned on porn sites popped up.

From Big Black Women to Suck Book (an X-rated version of Facebook for adults), he had it all.” Debbi collected as much information as she could.

These types of relationships contribute to a lot of added stress. Well, you know all good things must come to an end … If you know where you’re going and the path where you’re headed then it can be a much more enjoyable affair.

While the thrill of maybe getting caught is fun at first, it could seriously weigh on you and things won’t be coming up roses forever. But, you have to ask yourself where is this relationship going? So once you’ve determined why you’re dating on the down low then you can clarify where you’re going with this liaison. So dating on the down low can be totally fun and exciting, but, it has an expiry date.

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