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I was with my friend Sibongile; we called her Cbowie for short. I am not saying I was dating him for money; on the contrary, he was possibly my first love.

Practise had been hectic as usual and Ms Du Toit had just made us do yet another fitness drill because she said we looked lethargic in the last match. He broke my virginity even but that’s a story for another day.

My parents were not too strict nor where they less strict so to say.It’s weird but even as teenagers we know it’s one thing that people place way too much weight on.But that’s another story for this not what happened one Thursday evening after hockey practise.I think there are more Bcom Accounting students in this country than we have hobos!We just love numbers yet we not the smartest people to be honest. He was a rugby player at school and like me lived on pocket money from parents.So when he offered us a lift it was harmless for we knew him.My name is Nelisa by the way so that you don’t confuse yourself going forward.I was allowed to date but within reason, the occasional party and movies with my friends.I was allowed sleep over’s at friends places and vice versa.I felt as though he would say let’s go out at times he knew it was impossible for us to go out.I always had he was out or he had been seen at places I could never have dreamt off.

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