Dating oriental rugs

It’s design should catch a viewer’s eye and keep a viewer captivated by its intricacy and detailing. Does the detailing cover the entire rug or just parts of it? Intricacy and range of colours command a higher price.Some high value styles of rugs include medallion, portrait, repeating patterns and excessive blends of colour.A combination of geometry, symmetry, patterns and symbols can be decoded for meaning.For example, the appearance of a peony in a Persian rug represents power while a pomegranate suggests fertility.

Ultimately, a rug’s purpose is to be aesthetically pleasing.

Take a look at the reverse side of your rug and choose a 1 inch x 1 inch area.

Count both the horizontal weave and the vertical run.

Thus, the weaver creates a Persian rug based off of an image in his or her mind.

The result is a design that’s more fluid and loose.

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