Dating someone who deals with depression

This is known as “lack of insight.” “We talk about onion and garlic symptoms,” says Youngstrom, using a metaphor he credits to the late Dennis Cantwell, MD.

In general, Frank says, “It’s really hard to pin down changes in mood.Next to him is a monochrome image with just a splash of red—a man who mostly lives with depression but has a one-off manic episode in his past.Over here is a woman photographed in vibrant color, reflecting the exuberant feeling of her hypomanic episodes.To diagnose a mood episode according to DSM criteria, clinicians go down a checklist of symptoms that are set up in a “one from column A, three to five from column B” format.For mania or hypomania, Column A has included just one major symptom: “abnormally elevated, expansive, or irritable mood.” If you don’t answer yes to that, it’s usually game over.She says the new fifth edition, called DSM-5, tries to get closer to what clinicians see in actual practice.She says the group set out to address several problems, including “the incredible time lag between first symptoms and an accurate diagnosis …individuals who have bipolar disorder often wait 7 to 10 years for a correct diagnosis.That means they often wait 7 to 10 years for appropriate treatment.” There are some things no amount of revising can fix.If someone doesn’t seek help because of stigma or some other reason, they’re not going to be diagnosed with anything.And an initial diagnosis of depression may actually be correct in the early stage of the illness, because hypomania or mania may not emerge until a good while later.

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  1. If daters aren’t getting the kind of response they want, there may be “barriers to entry” hidden in their profile, says Larry Wilson, president of, which launched last month.