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Stewart and Pattinson haven't been photographed together since November 2012.after ending things with his fiancée FKA Twigs in October.Stewart has been most recently romantically linked to Stella Maxwell; they were last spotted out together earlier this month." data-reactid="53"Pattinson is officially single after ending things with his fiancée FKA Twigs in October.When Edward shows interest in her, Bella's low self-esteem puts him in a position of power over her; he can treat her however he'd like, because she perceives that he's out of her league and is lucky to be the dirt on the bottom of his shoe (or the blood on the bottom of his fangs, I guess).The second quality Bella displays which is common in victims of abuse is that she is particularly attracted to men who are forbidden.The two reconciled but officially broke up for good in May 2013.Stewart, over the last two years, has opened up about what it was like dating Pattinson." data-reactid="54"director Rupert Sanders, then issued a public apology to Pattinson in July 2012.costars and real-life exes Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson hanging out together IRL on February 11, at Edendale, a bar in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake neighborhood.

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Bella: A Future Victim of Relationship Violence Let's start with how Bella, the main female character, displays three characteristics common in victims of violent relationships.Bella's attraction to anything dangerous is clear in many cases through her human life. When Edward tells Bella that he'll literally kill anyone who tries to hurt her, she's attracted to his violent nature.And, as anyone on "Team Jacob" will note, she's only interested in Jacob after she learns that he's a violent werewolf who might rip off her face.After he decides that he wants her, he's quick to get her alone, and for the rest of the series he constantly shields her from any other interactions, including from her father and friends.Edward consistently forbids her from seeing Jacob (a potential rival), and he even sabotages her car so that she has no avenue of escape. Next, the use of coercion to accelerate the development of closeness is another common warning sign of abuse.Many readers of will be familiar with the "Romeo and Juliet" effect: Lovers who are not allowed, disapproved of, or are simply unattainable sometimes become even more desirable.Bella is thus drawn to the "bad boy" who is more likely to abuse her.Edward: Why He's an Abuser Now let's take a look at the male "love" interest.Edward also displays many stereotypical characteristics of abusers.If an abuser can get full commitment from his (or her) victim as early as possible, this basically "locks in" the victim and cuts them off from escape.Once Edward and Bella have decided to be together, they spend every night together in her room, and he tries to follow her in others' thoughts (using his vampire superpowers) when she's not present.

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