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This might have added interest to a weaker screenplay, but the situation and dialogue here is so strong it seems a distraction. 25TH HOUR (15)Director: Spike Lee, 2002Stars: Edward Norton, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Barry Pepper, Rosario Dawson THIS GRIPPING thriller about betrayal is arguably Spike Lee’s best film since Malcolm X. Then the men fron the DEA drop by, rip open his sofa and discover kilos of cocaine. Green Day – The punk band with the eco-friendly name teamed up with the environmental action group, Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC), to push for cleaner energy in the future.

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The second kind is the character lead, the interesting personality that the audience enjoys watching, but wouldn't want to be.However, Kidman insisted, “I didn’t really want a relationship. Kidman didn’t provide many details about her broken engagement in the report, Kidman and Lenny Kravitz met “when she rented his Manhattan apartment in the summer of 2003 . I just wanted my kids to have me, and I didn’t feel comfortable having some person in that small hubbub. “Well, I knew Zoë because I was engaged to her father. I love Lenny; he’s a great guy,” Kidman said, putting the mystery of her engagement to rest. We weren’t ready.” She wouldn’t confirm to whom she was engaged, but in a new issue of Net-a-Porter’s Kidman mentions that she had a history with co-star Zoë Kravtiz. Norton claims his model is Dustin Hoffman's loveable loser Ratso Rizzo in "Midnight Cowboy." In "25th Hour," though, Norton delivers a fine version of the third archetype, the easy-to-identify-with regular guy (what Tom Hanks plays).In classic cowboy movies, this would be Jimmy Stewart's part, not John Wayne's masculine icon or Walter Brennan's character roles.The Play4Climate campaign, co-created by MTV and the EU, enlisted Moby in 2009 to be a guest speaker for them as it tried to get young people interested in climate change.reported that Nicole Kidman had been romantically linked to Lenny Kravitz and movie producer Steven Bing after the breakup of her marriage to Tom Cruise. Still, Kravitz said she found it intimidating to work with an experienced actress like Nicole Kidman.“[Nicole] can be quiet and shy, which is interesting because the beast of an actress that she is, is so loud and clear. After every take I wanted to just stop and say, ‘Wow,’” Kravitz said. [T]he couple split in December 2003 after spending Thanksgiving together at his Miami home. Kravitz said, “She will always be someone in my life.”The two were captured again during an exchange at the C. I hated "Thelma and Louise" when I first saw it because the women botched their escape to Mexico so badly (they started in Arkansas and fell into the Grand Canyon).Obviously, they didn't have a plan worked out years before, like any red-blooded American man would.

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