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Renna, I read online what you said about your husband having EOE. ago, and my gastroenterologist wanted me to use an inhaler called Flovent, which I didn't t get because it is expensive and it can cause a yeast infection in your throat and I don't t need that..

Since eosinophilic esophagitis is often caused by exposure to stomach acid (along with allergies, infection, and as a side effect of certain medications), this digestive health condition can be related to acid reflux or GERD.

He had an epsidoe last month when he tried to eat bannans and has been so sick since nothing he eats goes well he has gone down from 160lbs to 133 and keeps losing more weight. Currently he is taken supplements and we are trying clay in his drinks. Herbs to use immediately to improve digestion are Fennel and Ginger.

His diet is mostly organic brown rice potatoes almond milk and occasionally other things such as eggs apple sauce yogurt peanut butter and sprouted bread. Hello Renna, I second Timh from Ky, Usa recommendations. Colloidal silver to kill pathogens, zinc to increase immunity, vitamin A to heal.

for years, which in the past year turned into esophagatis. I have tried numerous natural remedies, including plantains, and cabbage juicing. I didn't believe about the bread, but I have tested it, and he was right! I occasionally indulge in a slice of healthy grain bread, but have found it's not worth it.

The bananas are a great help, although I'm not saying they are the "cure" , they have definitely helped a lot. What I have found remarkable for it is Coconut oil.

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