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What in a romantic relationship brings out the best in us rather than the worst? Now that online dating has advanced so far technologically and become a way of life, does it really work?

To predict romantic attraction, for example, online dating algorithms today often focus on a couple’s similarities to predict romantic attraction, Finkel said.

First, poring over seemingly endless lists of profiles of people one does not know, as on Match.com, does not reveal much about them.

Second, it "overloads people and they end up shutting down," Finkel said.

Don’t wait, he says, “to express that interest and convey also that here is someone with standards.” More highlights: • Romantic relationships are one of the biggest predictors of quality-of-life for those who have reached a reasonable standard of living.

• Quest to find a romantic partner is a huge economic force, with billions being spent on online dating, at bars, restaurants and beyond.

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Technology is enabling all of that in the background, which is a positive thing, because it allows people to make more sensible decisions when it comes time to marry, he explained.There are different opinions about online dating, but critics often consider it shallow, like the classic Tinder 'swipe left or right' on a person's photos to decide if they want to date them.Some have also pointed out that the app is only useful for hookups, and even condemned it for ruining dating.Dating, marriage and other romantic relationships aren’t what they used to be.Technology continues to revolutionize the ways we meet potential partners, and online dating has become a billion dollar business.Why are we attracted to some people and not others?What is it that makes strangers click in a romantic way?• Technology has completely revolutionized the way we meet partners, but not necessarily the way we interact after meeting a partner.• Dating is increasingly mobile with smartphone applications like Tinder.Many couples are now seeking high-level emotional and psychological fulfillment in their marriages, as opposed to decades past when the institution tended to be more practical, almost transactional, in nature.Finkel, a professor in the psychology department and the Kellogg School of Management, covers these trends and more in a lively conversation based on his research on romantic attraction and relationships.

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