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Yeah, I know it's a rhombohedron, but diamond is easier to spell!Looks like a humbucking pickup, but in the case of the 6-string conventional guitar version, it is actually a single coil unit fitted with two magnets. There is another line of polepieces hidden under the cover.

If you really do wish to strip away the mystery behind pickups in general, then I have no hesitation in recommending the following two articles written by Helmuth Lemme: You don't see many wooden bodied pickups these days!!Another type of pickup that has that real Hofner "charm" feel about it.A single coil pickup, made by Franz Pix who set up a company in nearby Erlangen specifically to make electrical fittings for Hofner.This was the first pickup designed by Walter Hofner, the father of the Hofner Violin Bass.Probably the most desirable pickup with collectors.The two coils can be seen in the Project Guitar Parts Photos of the Inside of a Type 510B.Just to confuse matters totally, there were apparently also some Type 510 units that did not have adjustable screw-head polepieces but were fitted with exposed non-adjustable "staples" instead.You may be able to make an estimate if you can find dates on the control pots, assuming that they are still the originals of course, and if so, were fitted to the guitar soon after their own manufacture.Bear in mind that Hofner made guitar bodies in batches which may not have been assembled into completed guitars for months and sometimes years!The pickups fitted to a Hofner do however add a further dating perspective.Several quite distinct types were fitted during fairly specific periods across the range of archtops and solids during the 1950s and 60s, although please bear in mind that whereas the top-of-the-range guitars and basses usually were fitted with the newest pickups available, those models at the lower end of the quality range sometimes had to wait for years before they received the latest pickups.

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