Foreign dating secrets review guide

Being a qualified philosopher, I tried to deal with questions taking into consideration all facets of my experience, previous Russian and latest Western, and see the whole picture as opposed to looking at separate pieces of the puzzle, and trying to draw conclusions about the whole picture from this very piece.

I hope it gives a better understanding of Russian women and Russia in general.

But facts are facts and the facts are that although I really wanted to get married and have a family, I didn't get married in Russia.(Thank you, Shantal.)This was my first encounter with the way Russian-western marriages were presented in the media.I looked on the Internet in search of the information, and was shocked even more.Frankly, I was amazed with the number and quality of men who answered my ad, they were educated, interesting, mature and really wanted to have a family! This was such a difference with Russian men, it was hard to believe! (This is probably how you feel reading profiles of Russian women)Long story short, I met my future husband rather quickly although it took us 12 month before we met in person and another half a year before we got married.(Today it happens much faster, Skype and cheap international calling rates help...) Pretty soon I got pregnant with our fist child and in another couple of years we had our second.My last position before I left Russia was as a regional manager of a large marketing agency (one of 22 regional offices), where I had 150 people working for me and quite a comfortable income.I had my own apartment and a car, so the reason why I decided to look for a husband abroad was not because I was desperate or living in poverty.I had no idea this was the way Russian women seeking partners abroad were represented in western media.changed her attitude.The cover page to the actual issue with the article said "South Africa's Mail Order Romances". And the article finished with the words "Welcome" and "Good luck" addressed to all us Russian women.I won't overburden you with the details, let's just say that my search was quite successful.I received more than 250 men's letters from all over the globe, most from the USA.

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