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Victims are motivated to generate excuses their abuser, to think of each abuse episode as a "one time" thing (even when it isn't), and to focus on the good aspects of the relationship (particularly those positive things that during the guilt/latency phase of the abuse cycle) and convince themselves that the relationship is really a good one and that everyone has some problems in a relationship, i.e., my partner just occasionally loses his/her temper when really stressed at work, etc.

Or for those with poor self-esteem, the rationalizations may be thoughts such as “I don't deserve any better” or “this is the best relationship I've had in my life.” Victims may have any number of low-self-esteem type beliefs that also keep them paralyzed and willing to accept something that is merely "good enough." They may believe that they will be alone forever if they go out on their own.

Some practicing Catholic people, for example, believe that divorce is a bad thing to be avoided at most all costs.

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The second question, "Why Do Adults Stay In Abusive Relationships? Partners in abusive relationships have varying reasons for remaining in them.For instance, an abused stay-at-home mother may feel that she cannot leave her abusive relationship because if she did, she would have no way of providing for her children.Other abused people stay because they believe that is the proper thing to do, given their religious or cultural background.Abusers may reinforce this lack of self-worth by saying that abuse is normal, that they are over-reacting, etc.Victims that do try to break away from abusive partners may find that abuse escalates to dangerous proportions.Such behavior may be verbal, physical, emotional/mental, or sexual in nature.If the cycle stopped here and stayed constant, most victims would find it very easy to leave and not endure abuse for long periods of time.Following the guilt and making up stage comes a "honeymoon" or latency period during which things are good for a while between the partners.Inevitably, in truly abusive relationships, the latency period ends with the beginning of another abuse episode; the abuser again feels angry, disrespected or treated poorly in some way and the cycle starts all over again.A first layer of the reasons for staying in an abusive relationship is practical, even if they are not always rational.Some abused people feel they cannot leave their relationships because they are economically dependent on them.

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