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The lovely is a stretchy silicone ring, which attaches around the base of your penis.

It also has a vibrator tucked inside, which stimulates both sexual partners.

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Texting in complete, creative, complex sentences has never been more popular. The popularity of texting has truly affected the dopamine in our brains and caused us to become biochemically addicted.Most of us know we will receive text messages throughout the day, but you don't exactly know when or who it'll be from, right? It's an exhausting, emotional roller coaster filled with apprehension, sending our dopamine levels climbing and falling with each passing second.But we love it, and it increases our desire to feed into the dopamine loop.And getting that reward -- receiving a response, that is -- for seeking makes you want to seek more.Sometimes, even if you get the reward, the dopamine loop forces you to keep seeking.Now you can tell your inadequate boyfriend who hasn't made you orgasm yet that he can reward you in other ways: by answering your texts!Back in the day, you might have been able to catch a cheating partner by snooping through their emails, texts or internet history.So far, so Ann Summers Further proof that the sole goal of mankind is now to take selfies absolutely everywhere possible, a vibrator that can video capture an orgasm from its epicentre has been invented.The nightmarish love child of an endoscopy and a vibrator, the 'Svakom Gaga Camera Vibrator' allows for a new level of explicitness in amateur sex tapes. You need a balance: of color (Do you have good word choice?), of tone (How angry does that period make you look?

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