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Tara had been unusually quiet that day like she had something on her mind.Kyle had tried to be the Knight in shining amour,attempting to make her laugh,or talking gently while trying to display a sympathetic ear,but Tara remained pretty withdrawn that day.The human contact was enthralling for him as he smelled her hair.They soon released and stood up,ready for the short walk home.”With a pout now on her face Tara quietly pressed on “As she talked to me she picked up my jeans off the floor and noticed a packet of cigarettes in the pocket”Now Kyle was a little bit surprised that this was all that was troubling her,okay,maybe her Mom didn’t like smoking,but Tara was grown up now and other than having to deal with her Mom’s disappointment,surely she was free to do as she chose.“So what” he said with little sensitivity “Just don’t smoke in the house”Surprised at his sudden lack of care, Tara shot a semi look of indignation towards him “You don’t understand Kyle,while I live in her house I have to follow her rules” she said curtly.“What,is she going to ground you or something? Returning her chin to her hands Tara sighed “No,worse than that,after dinner she is going to spank me”This opened Kyle’s mouth. This was North Carolina,so the idea of a parent spanking in and of itself was not exactly an unheard of thing,but come on;she is far too old to be spanked.If you are ready to be spanked hard by strict females then enter our live free webcam chat rooms below.Where our Strict Mistresses are waiting to whip, cane and discipline you live on webcam.

The only thing he new to offer her was a hug,which she gratefully accepted as they sat on the stoop of the library and embraced for 30 seconds.So out of desperation he tried to prolong his time with Tara as much as he could as this would be the last human contact he would get for three more hours.So he pressed on with his questions,attempting to evoke a response from Tara as to what was troubling her.Various implements of pain are used in spanking scenes to discipline the submissive with an exposed ass, including open hands, paddles, belts, hairbrushes, and whips.A sadistic master or mistress receives pleasure from making the sub hurt, and a good masochistic enjoys the suffering and being pushed deeper into sub space from the discipline.We have women who just love to take their bare hand over your fleshy ass just for the fun of it, as well as those who do it for a living. Sweet College Girls :: Free Girls Gone Wild Porn Videos Sexy Teens :: Alison Angel, FTV, Raven Riley... Through the silent breaks she finally caved in,like she had wanted to share with him all along but was afraid of the ridicule. Yes,finally a breakthrough after several hours of trying. Another short period of silence followed,torturing him thinking that once more she was going to back out of telling him.Now he would get his chance to display his sensitive side and provide the ear for her to share with. She placed her arms across her upturned knees and rested her chin on the backs of her hands in deep thought.Caning Porn Tube K makes hearts of thousands of fans go boom, the naughty tools in their pants start giving heavy throbs at the first notice of this huge free Caning Porn Tube.Putting you over our knees for a good proper spanking is something all Mistresses enjoy doing, we love to see a nice red bottom over our knees.

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