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They enter the house, encouraged by an unseen and high-voiced decoy, and are soon confronted by "Dateline" correspondent Chris Hansen.Some of the men run; others, many of whom believe Hansen is law enforcement, accept his request for a conversation, which is recorded on hidden cameras.In this most recent installment of the series, they are arrested soon afterward.It can be extremely difficult to discuss journalistic ethics when dealing with a topic such as this.I don't necessarily object to this method in extreme cases such as this.But if you accept the traditional legal definition of entrapment – that one is entrapped when "induced or persuaded by law enforcement officers or their agents to commit a crime that he had no previous intent to commit" – than Phillips' defense raises questions, because it was often the decoys who first suggested the crime.

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But, as for punishment, we leave that to the police and prosecutors."In many cases, the decoy is the first to bring up the subject of sex. I'm not sure how this explanation satisfactorily addresses the question.However, the transcripts show that once the hook is baited, the fish jump and run with it like you wouldn't believe," he writes. Phillips says it's not entrapment because it seems to him the men have done this before. It seems to me that "Dateline" is indeed entrapping the men by having the decoys, at least some of the time, bring up the subject of sex and later invite the men to the house for a sexual encounter.But it is not an unassailable response to the charge of entrapment.Another, more important question the series raises is the nature of the media's role in dealing with alleged criminals.Some men, Dateline reports, send illicit photos of themselves to the decoys.In each installment, dozens of men eventually show up at the address provided by the decoys, presumably for a sexual encounter."Dateline," many would argue, is exposing predators and getting them off the streets, and so high minded debates about the ethics of the program's methods do not come into the equation.I am sympathetic to that argument, and, indeed, I find the actions of the men featured in the program disturbing.And the decisions the program makes don't seem terribly tied to them.Writes Hansen on the "Dateline" blog: "We have also had men show up whose chat logs were perhaps inappropriate but not necessarily illegal. One could argue that what "Dateline" is doing is no less ethical than a typical investigative report, one that uses hidden cameras to expose a store's business practices or detective work to uncover alleged fraud at a corporation or agency.

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