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Instead of settling into intimate “just friends” relationships, I would propose that men and women casually date each other, especially when they like each other but are not sure they like each other enough to date.Hang out in groups, go on coffee or happy hour dates, hell, even be a plus one for a wedding or professional event on occasion.But I’m fairly intentional about how I interact with them.I rarely spend time with my female friends one-on-one or enjoy intimate heart-to-hearts, and I certainly don’t seek these kind of interactions out.

Meanwhile, I can’t help but notice how attractive Lilian is, and I have a hard time believing that James somehow fails to notice her attractiveness.And Lilian is not exactly describing James to be undateable.So there is tension between Lilian and James and between me and Lilian.The truth is, I think women are the most beautiful, mysterious, and captivating beings in the universe.And it’s damn near impossible for me to be unaffected by that fact and just be friends with any such woman (especially if she prefers her martinis with a good London Dry and roots for the Twins). In fact, she even seems to perk up a bit when she talks about him.Because you aren’t considering your friend to be boyfriend material, you will eventually find someone who is.If all goes well, your new boyfriend will one day become your spouse and will be the man who knows you the best.So as not to introduce this discomfort, confusion, and potential jealousy into our romantic relationships, I think men and women would be wise to avoid close friendships with the opposite sex.I consider my roommate’s fiancée a friend, but I know we should never become BFFs or hang out just the two of us.But I’m not sure the tension that men and women experience in their non-romantic relationships speaks to some sort of fatal flaw in either of them. It may be that I meet a woman who shares my love of baseball and cocktails.The fact that she is a woman is going to make these commonalities that much more compelling.

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