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We couldn’t tell at first whether the characters were composed of polygons or hyper-smooth sprites — definitely a good sign — and the juxtaposition worked beautifully in the talking-heads cutscenes, where lively, animated models stood behind their dialogue boxes acting out associated emotions.It looked surprisingly natural, and allowed for a lot more interaction than the typical portrait art setup.Along with your lucky chosen love candidate, you’ll also be able to pour your affections into animals you raise on the farm, and Light of Hope is set to get the greatest hits: cows, chickens, sheep, horses, dogs, and the popular Poitou donkey all make appearances here.Intriguingly, we also saw a few decidedly different animals in the barn: a cow that gave chocolate milk, a ‘chocolate chicken’ that laid candied eggs, and a pink sheep that produced cotton candy wool.Farmers who have kept up with the Natsume-developed Harvest Moon series will recognize plenty of familiar faces in the love market, and our rep told us that the recurring appearance of characters — as with the cast running through the original game, Harvest Moon 64, Back to Nature, and Friends of Mineral town — has come up as a common theme when fans say what they love about the classic titles.It might be a new island and a new premise, but you’ll still have a chance to woo instantiations of buff florist Dean, shy and flustered Jeanne, or total babe Melanie, through the age-old tradition of targeted gift giving, sparkling conversation, and careful event triggering.

It’s a classic cycle, and reflects the type of satisfyingly circular progression that Harvest Moon is famous for.Natsume’s booth at this year’s E3 was a farmland oasis from the wider chaos of the showfloor, decked out in pastoral charm and filled with flowers and plenty of plush cows, chickens, and sheep.It’s a familiar scene, but it seemed particularly pleasant this year, and the cause of the celebration was clear: it’s Harvest Moon’s 20th anniversary, and Natsume’s planted the seeds of a brand new entry in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope.After you have done this you can ask her out while your talking to her with L or R on your Nintendo DS. To get married you must have the bachelorette at 10 hearts, have united the town and the Univir, have to have the double bed (purchased from Diamond General Store) and complete all of her requests.Even though you can take her with you into dungeons before you get her to 7 hearts you still cannot take her on a date. To activate a date you must walk into one of the date locations, Vale: Icy Rosebush, Sol Terrano: Star Dunes, Privera: Flower Field and Oddward: Rainbow Falls. After you have done this Wells and Marjorie will show up and and give you the engagement ring's recipe for the Workshop.Auerdem erwarten dich hilfreiche Trainer, Top-Savegames, aktuelle wie auch ltere Demos, unverzichtbare Patches und viele informative Berichte ber die neuesten Spiele. To first start dating any bachelorettes you must get her to at least 7 hearts.The early build we played showed a lot of promise, and felt especially at home on the Switch, with optional touch controls and portability both ticking some important boxes for aspiring agriculturalists.Natsume is shooting for a late 2017 or early 2018 release for Light of Hope, with a simultaneous worldwide launch as the goal, and we can’t wait to roll up our sleeves and see how it shapes up when it finally sprouts.These ‘candy’ products are apparently treated differently from their workaday variants in terms of recipes, shipping, and villager likes and dislikes, and while we didn’t get to unravel the mystery in our time with the demo, we’re determined to find out which villager loves cotton candy wool — and marry them.As the first Harvest Moon to hit a home console (albeit we were playing in portable mode) since 2008’s Animal Parade on the Wii, Light of Hope certainly has us excited.

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