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Rest assured: I was diagnosed with herpes, 7 years ago, when I was 26.On becoming pregnant I decided to be tested for STDs and was shocked when I was told I had contracted herpes. One of the main things she picked up was my total lack of concern for whether I had contracted the virus from my partner, whom I had been married to for four years, or vice versa.To me it didn’t matter – it was now a case of learning to live with it and making things as ‘normal’ as possible.My husband went for tests, which confirmed what we already knew – he also had the HSV-2 virus.We were friends for a long time and then a few months ago decided to take it further. So, having almost split up a number of times, I told him last Sunday.

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Fortunately I had very mild symptoms, but my husband suffered terribly with frequent, painful attacks.

It was hard leaving, knowing that we would both have to tell subsequent partners about the virus.

This was something that terrified me as I was convinced that no one would want me.

It took ages for me to tell him and I’m sure by the end, he thought I was trying to finish our relationship.

I just couldn’t get the word ‘herpes’ out of my mouth.

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