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After what feels like a lifetime of trying this path and that, you have resolved to right your wrongs in the only way you can to atone for everything you've done: you will let the monsters go free once and for all, and you will disappear from their lives completely. It's too bad that fate, and your best friend among the monsters, seem to have plans to rewrite that ending.It's not that Y/N had a bad life, just one that wasn't very fun or fulfilling.The entire work will span multiple rounds of Undertale or AU visits and does have an overall plot.You decide to get a pet after getting tired of living alone. However, the bitty you get loves to flirt and loves to make you blush.What will their brothers do when they see your LV and EXP?

The story revolves around securing dates (and maybe a kiss) from a skeleton or a Snowdin bartender in the chosen AU.Featuring friendly amalgamates, drama, high tensions, and traumatized skeletons, what will you do as your list of people to protect grows far faster than you ever expected?Your life has been relatively normal for a while now.You have a good education, a decent job, and a beautiful house.One day, you wake up to find a strange artifact on your nightstand.You are no different, but will that all change when you meet them?- You've treated the monsters in the underground like your playthings for long enough.But, to your surprise, Papyrus and Blue were just the begining. Monsters were freed form the underground 6 years ago, Everyone heard about it. After working a late shift you were almost raped when a skeleton saved you, then you started to run into more of them. You were just an oblivious god in a world full of oblivious gods, after all.Through a series of events not of your control, you find yourself even more intigrated into the lives of several skeletons. You hadn't meant to ruin Undertale, ruin all the lives of your friends.But of course, things don’t always go the way you want them to. The outcome has left you currently homeless (due to housing), and staying at your gay best friends house, hinting, he brings a new man in every day.UPDATE: The earlier chapters of this story are currently under construction. You have not got the best view on the monsters so far, just like the most of the world.

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