Internet dating is the way of the future

With the computer as their main form of communication, they’re forced to do just that: communicate.In a study done by University of Ohio Sociology Professor Dr.The research has been done, and we’ve brought the best of it to you. See what these six studies reveal about Internet intimacy: The brains behind online matchmaking services are soon to be held to standards similar to those of standardized exams in academia, according to researchers of one University of California Berkeley study.The choice is yours: join the growing online dating network, or risk relationship ruin again and again.

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We've spoken to the experts to get their top tips on making your dating profile work for you. After all, it’s not always easy to big yourself up without sounding conceited or (even worse) desperate.So complain all you want about excessive screen-time tainting the future of our youth.The online dating game is one to be played and preferred by all ages.In fact, a staggering amount of couples continue to rely on digital tools through each step of the wedding planning journey—9 in 10 couples said they used mobile devices for wedding planning in 2016.This probably comes as no surprise to millennials, the first generation afforded the opportunity to look for love at their fingertips (on i Phones, that is).Planning" data-blog-content="false" data-content-tags="["b1948bd5-5b96-4049-9558-976ca83978a0", "de0df316-39fa-4a86-9df2-c69e9afeb738", "6e4c7aff-f80b-42be-aaa1-3cd876ab3d87"]" data-singular-terms="["Engagement","Getting Engaged","Wedding Planning"]" data-content-hub-id="" data-content-strategy-type="editorial" data-content-series="" data-article-num="1" data-og-title="This Is Officially the Most Popular Way People Are Meeting Their Spouse" data-og-type="article" data-og-image="" data-og-description="Is this how you met your partner?" data-og-url="https:// data-canonical-url="https:// data-amphtml-url="https:// officially in the majority if you’ve met your match on Tinder, OKCupid or Instagram.At the heart of it all, however, these “expert matchmakers” are a business cloaked in Cupid’s clothing.Is online dating really the way to go for memorable, meaningful relationships that last?Meeting online beat out meeting through friends (17 percent), during college (15 percent) and at work (12 percent).Interestingly, the dependence on digital extends beyond the dating phase.

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