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The most notable of the movies was Roger Corman's cult classic The Wild Angels plus Devil's Angels, The Glory Stompers (Dennis Hopper) and Born Losers (the film that introduced the character Billy Jack). The music is reminiscent of the LA, San Francisco, and East Coast folk-rock bands of the late 1960s and early 1970s and mixes both contemporary and roots influences.Some of the other 60's "B" films were Riot On Sunset Strip, Thunder Alley, The Angry Breed, Mary Jane, Teenage Rebellion,… Their debut record, Amid The Crash A re-born reformation of the Austin band, Room 213, Amid The Crash is a trio featuring JR Taylor (Taylor Wise, Water and Rust), Jim Shields, and Ty Cobb.1st The Hip-Hop worlds of Fort Worth and Chicago have come together in the form of 1st, a Texas-based duo comprised of rappers JClay and Supreme.Formerly part of the trio 5th Flow, the two met while attending Prairie View A & M University where they made a name for themselves by circulating their mixtapes.The group achieved fame and notoriety under their previous incarnation, Too Crunk, collaborating with Soulja Boy and other local independent artists such as Luch Millions and Young Snead along the way to creating their own sound, influenced by T. Today they are 40 Alligators, making a new name for themselves out of their hometown of Decatur, Georgia. Learn More 45trona Ut 45trona Ut (pronounced "Astrona ut") is a classically trained musician with a passion for dance, trance, electronica and funk.Funkspatial is an album that combines elements of French-Touch dance, trance and electronica made by DJ/producer 45trona UT.Learn More Brando Albers I've been writing music since I was fifteen years old. As we aged my friends moved onto other things leaving me alone with this passion. It pushed me to learn how to record music as well as play a few instruments.

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Learn More Absoloot Born into a world where any dream can be a reality, Absoloot embraces an industry that has made and broke countless individuals before him.Unlike many of his predecessors, Absoloot has the versatility, flexibility, determination and most importantly the talent to not only succeed but dominate a genre that lacks the luster it once had. Learn More Ace J Ace J is out of NYC by way of Orlando, Florida, and as his hometowns may imply, his influences lean heavily toward the East Coast.With clear stylistic similarities to Jay-Z, Nas, and Puff Daddy, Ace J's mixtape is on the way, with two available advance singles, "Turn My Music Up" and "1999 (Hey Now)." Ace J is currently working on his debut video, dropping later this year.After an extended sabbatical, and going through the monikers "DJ TA" and "Tomer Aaron Mix," Tomer Aaron is back...remixing Dance, House, and Trance music with the same intensity and passion…Learn More Josh Abbott Band Josh Abbott didn’t begin writing songs until around 2004, when he was still in grad school at Texas Tech in Lubbock.Fusing their diverse musical backgrounds, they have developed a unique sound that fuses Hip Hop, R&B, Soul and Pop.Known for their meticulous harmonies, hip hop oriented rudiments, original production, and occasionally, their knack for bringing back those “old school jams”, they are quickly making a name for themselves in Northern California and beyond.A diehard Texas country fan, he’d picked up guitar a few years earlier, mainly to strum along to his favorite Pat Green songs.He vividly recalls the epiphany he had at a concert one night at Lubbock’s Blue Light when the notion of writing and playing his own music — maybe even for a living — first took root.With his heavy hitting lyrical flow and pure East Coast Hip-Hop genes, Ace J will come on strong in 2014.Learn More Jay Boy Adams & The Roadhouse Scholars Jay Boy Adams’ music has always represented a resonant mixture of country, rock and blues, while remaining steeped in tradition.

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