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As for girls, it’s important to remember that as we begin to move towards a digital lifestyle, with our digital footprints all over the Internet, we should probably be more careful when we connect with strangers online. ★ ★ ★ Chat Park ★ ★ ★Chat Park is an application to find new "Chat Friends".

- Able to search Sex, Age, and registered chats account.”, indicating a preference for local Singaporean girls.We usually said yes, following which, they would ask about our occupations and where we lived.For purposes of the experiment, we limited contact to texting only, and no telephone calls or meet ups (for obvious reasons).And what we found out was astonishing: within an hour of switching on the discovery feature on We Chat, we received over 100 greeting messages from male users near us.In October last year, LINE revealed that it had 170 million monthly active users, out of over 560 million registered users.We Chat on the other hand, revealed that it had over 468.1 million active users in the third quarter of 2014.Asia One did a story on this a while back, where they spoke to We Chat user George (an alias), 39, who claimed to have used We Chat to hook up with over 20 ladies in six months.“I begin with small speak earlier than paying a lady compliments to make her really feel particular.This is the same for Bee Talk, where you can discover new friends in the vicinity and chat them up.While these features are built in to encourage more user activity, as well as to boost the social aspects of the app, many see them as new avenues to look for extramarital affairs and intercourse.

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