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However, the Texas Twister, who is in Portland on her way to continental Europe to start her new job, did leave me with a parting gift: Tags: 6 Day Riot, bag o' swag, barbecue, beer, Bovine Sex Club, Cameron House, Drake Hotel, drink tickets, El Mocambo, Halifax, Holiday Inn, Horseshoe, Koogaphone, Lee's Palace, Monotonics, North by Northeast, NXNE, outdoor patio, pizza, Polaris Music Prize, Rancho Relaxo, Rebekah Higgs, Red Kross, Sneaky Dee's, swag, Tel Aviv, Tiger and Me, Toronto, U.

K., vancouver, Vice Magazine, wingman Sunday June 15, Toronto, Holiday Inn.

On many levels, it is difficult to date when broke. Of course I hope that my date might pick up the tab but you never know, so you need to be prepared.

Here’s what I need money for every time I date: 1) Babysitter. Because although cutting my own bangs with kitchen scissors and sticky tape is fine for everyday mommy life, I do dream of presenting a more polished persona when meeting a man. There is always one thing that my dream outfit needs in order to make me feel pretty. (For the record, I like it when men at least offer to pay, and not just because I am poor.) Because of this, going on a date is never just an easy feat like it was in my carefree youth where (thanks to being a grunge girl) it was as simple as putting on some black eyeliner and strutting out the house looking carefully dishevelled, because I am supposed to look like a put-together woman in order to snare a man.

The idea behind the foundation, I was informed by board member Stanley Chiu, is to encourage young entrepreneurs, and also to help those in less developed parts of the world.

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This seems like it will be the perfect way to consummate our “relationship”.

I’m so happy that I’ll at least get to have a bit of fun, because it has been so long since I’ve spent time with someone I really like.

Like I said before, this can’t go anywhere and I’m okay with that.

I lasted barely half an hour, though, in the presence of all those good-looking drinks.

In Gastown, Face of Today was having its first networking function.

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