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Emily is outraged that her sister betrayed her, and the E-Girls vote to kick Riley out of their clique.Also, Daniel choreographs a routine for J-troupe, while Tiffany uses J-Troupe to mess with him.After Riley finds out that Emily lied to A-Troupe about having the list reviewed by Kate and Chris, she approaches James and asks him if he thinks her being in the front over Michelle is fair, he gives her honest opinion and tells her that it is not.

When Kate realizes Michelle was late, she called her over to have a chat about what she overheard the dancers saying.Everyone in A-Troupe starts arguing over who should be dance captain, Kate panics and Chris throws ping pong balls for everyone to clean up.Until West starts dancing in front of James, James starts dancing in response meaning West has won his respect.The A-Troupe takes a visit to the Elite studio to see what they're doing for Regionals.West and Daniel stay at the studio and dance while the rest go to Elite.Chris says that he will help James and his mom gives him a second chance.West tries to befriend James by randomly putting on dance offs in public.Eventually everyone starts dancing together, forgetting about the dance captain situation.They realize they are here to dance, not to complain.A dance competition is coming up this weekend so Kate and Chris think they should decide the dance line positions.Emily persuades them to let her make the decision, which leads her to putting Michelle in the back row.

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