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Jeffrey Allen Steinport somehow obtained his law license in Michigan in November 0f 2012. Unfortunately the Michigan Bar does not do a full psychiatric evaluation on recent law school graduates, before giving them a law license. The guy took the website off from last Thursday when I got scammed he is back up and at it again.Same website Greenfield puppies 50% off same pictures and the dog Harlow I was suppose to buy.Don't be fooled with his lies that is simply a "Bulletin Board" and other Jeff Steinport is the sole creator and responsible for this website.Jeffrey Allen Steinport a/k/a Jeff Steinport a/k/a Attorney Jeffrey Allen Steinport now has set up a new website called that Jeff Steinport now uses as a brand new website to post people’s personal and private information, in order to ruin people’s careers and reputations on the web.

His monetized website, and are dedicated to uploading people's personal and private legal cases on to these websites for his profit and enjoyment.Update: Jeffrey Allen Steinport has changed all of the contact information once again for his ruthless website "" using "Domain Guard" to keep all of his information nice and private and now it shows a fake address and phone number in Panama out of all places for "". We have a lot more information to expose on Jeffrey Allen Steinport, including some photos of this individual where one can see that he is mentally ill. Other monetized websites that Jeffrey Allen Steinport has created and runs: (he has this under a 501c "The Franklin Archive") closely associated with There are many more websites that Jeffrey Allen Steinport has created, owns, runs and is closely associated with. What is really disturbing about this individual is that as an Attorney he is advertising to represent people against the exact thing that he is doing, which is the destruction of people's careers and reputations by downloading people's personal legal and other information from the Pacer and other sources and then uploading this on to his monetized websites and throwing it on the web for his personal financial enjoyment. Take caution with this individual as his mind does not work like the majority of people's mind because he is a sick sociopath.Jeff Steinport is running Vianet, LLC out of Scottsdale, Arizona and he has a few years previous experience with an online data collection company in Michigan, before he received his law license in the Fall of 2012.He has created a fraudulent 501c called the "The Franklin Archive" also based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan and has refused to hand over a copy of his 501c documents, which by law he has an obligation to do.He wants everyone else to follow the rules but he feels like he can do whatever he feels like it. This individual created a completely contact information for his monetized website and the 501c called the The Franklin Archive that has under its umbrella.Steinport, Jeffrey Allen is creating monetized websites such as, United,,,,, and many more monetized websites, that are doing great harm to the public and damaging people's finances, careers, reputations and safety just so that this individual can make some easy money at your expense of course.This individual has set up his monetized website "" with a PO Box address in Grand Rapids, Michigan, his home town.All with totally fake contact information, with fake phone numbers, fake fax numbers, fake emails.Everything is completely made up by Jeff Steinport, in order to hide his real identity from the public, as he knows what he is doing is screwing over many Americans for his personal enjoyment and of course to make some profits.

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