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A: Click suspend next to the camera you are wanting to shut off, or click the red X to take it off the account completely.You are able to stop the wireless service by logging into choosing one of two options under My Services and Equipment.. Click the red X next to the camera’s ID number to DEACTIVATE the camera from the account.A- Most often, you need to update your credit card information.You will need to contact support at 877-462-1799 or [email protected] we will look into the issue.If possible, ask the bank to reissue you a new card or walk into a bank for a temporary card so the old one can be deactivated.When reporting fraud and filing a dispute, the bank will ask you to fill out an affidavit — a signed statement that verifies you as the authorizer in the investigation process.

Q- Do I pay my Covert Wireless plan monthly or is it auto renew?Q- What happens if I go over the data allowed on my account?A- If you reach your data limit before the monthly allotment, your card will rerun automatically.Q- Can I put multiple devices on the same data plan? We now allow cameras to share a data package across one plan.Q- Do I need to have an AT&T Phone to use the Code Black? You will download the Covert Wireless App on any App capable smartphone.You will need signal in the area that you put the camera from AT&T towers. You can hit the red X next to the device you want to change to delete it off the current plan.Q- Can I use my current plan I already have and add a line? You will need to create a Covert Wireless account and add the device there. A- Click the red X to delete the device and re add it with the correct numbers. Then go up to the subscription plans and choose the network and plan you wish to change it to and click SUBSCRIBE.It’s an annoying price to pay, but if you’ve been scammed out of more than thousands of dollars, it’s still worth it to get anything back at all.Most major banks have mobile apps for you to keep track of your expenses on the go.This means that you mean what you mean and if the bank catches that you’ve lied about a supposed fraudulent charge, you could get into big trouble and even go to jail.Banks these days often have a system to track your spending activities, so if an unusual purchase occurs, the chance of you winning your fraud investigation is high.

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