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I hear from men who say, “Women just don’t want intimacy anymore.” They become more fearful of reaching out to women and risking rejection.

The result is that like the Republicans and Democrats, men and women increasingly live in different worlds.

In doing research for my book, I’ve seen a disturbing trend where more and more men feel disconnected, disrespected, and angry.

We see the anger acted out in violent attacks such as the ones we saw in Orlando and also in the rhetoric of presidential candidate When I speak to large groups of men and women, I ask the women how many have three or more close friends that they can talk to about their hopes and dreams as well as their fears and frustrations. When I ask the same question of the men in the audience, almost no one raises their hand.

Cuckold was first established in 1996 following the founder's first experience openly dating someone's wife.

Since then, the mission of the site has evolved to one of education, empowerment and encouragement.

For women under 30, the likelihood of being married has become astonishingly small: Today, only around 20 percent of Americans ages 18–29 are wed, compared to nearly 60 percent in 1960.”“It is a radical upheaval, a national reckoning with massive social and political implications,” says Traister.

They would rather get their social and emotional support from work associates, friends, and family.Cuckold Marriage Info also seeks to correct the misinformation online about the lifestyle.To continue gaining perspective on the basic elements of this lifestyle, take the curated tour of articles.They distrust each other and are often in conflict.Unlike the Republicans and Democrats (at least for now), I see men and women longing to connect with each other, but feeling increasingly less hopeful about finding real, lasting love in relationship. Originally Published on Men—◊♦◊◊♦◊Get the best stories from The Good Men Project delivered straight to your inbox, here.32,920 (80%) of the suicides were committed by men. Joiner reports on one such suicide which is typical of many.“A postmortem report on a suicide decedent read, “He did not have friends…He did not feel comfortable with other men…He did not trust doctors and would not seek help even though he was aware that he needed help.”Unfortunately, this is a common experience for an increasing number of men.In other words, for the first time in American history, single women (including those who were never married, widowed, divorced, or separated) outnumbered married women.Perhaps even more strikingly, the number of adults younger than 34 who had never married was up to 46 percent, rising 12 percentage points in less than a decade.If there are stresses in the relationship, as is true for all marriages, the man has no one who he can open up to and with whom he can share his feelings.“Males experience higher mortality rates than females at all stages of life from conception to old age.”Suicide is the most extreme indicator of male mortality.According to the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were 41,149 suicides in 2013 in the United States (the most recent year for which full statistics were available).

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