Orange blossom dating

They use fewer ingredients to produce their highest-quality products from vanillas to other flavor extracts.Their products are also all-natural, certified gluten free, kosher, allergen-free and GMO-free.I like firm ice creamso I packed the ice cream into a container and popped it into the freezer overnight.The next morning I had buttermilk date ice cream with orange blossom water and one of my failed pie crusts for breakfast(failure is good for something, at least)with chopped pecans on top. The pecans and buttermilk remind me of buttermilk pralinesthe orange blossom water of oranges, flowers, and pecans at Christmasand dates soaked in Grand Marnier… While good on its own I made this ice cream with pecans in mindand pecans it demands.I covered the bowl in plastic wrap and then microwaved everything for a few minutes.I would’ve done this step in a small potbut every single pot in my kitchen was waiting to be washed at that moment.

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For this citrus, date and almond m’hencha recipe, I used lemon and orange extract for the almond paste.

Using these extracts saved me the time of zesting lemon and oranges to get the same result in terms of flavor and quality.

If you didn’t win, give the ice cream recipe a shot.

A few years ago, I introduced my husband to baklava, and it was love at first taste.

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